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[Pokemon] Registeel
Please note that this post is intended for everyone, including those who have come here from my fanfiction profile, my DeviantArt account, or elsewhere. You don't need to have a Livejournal to ask a question here. However, if you do not, you will have to check back yourself to see whether the question has yet been answered.

SO - this all sprung from a desire to really get more involved with fandom community as a whole. Because I barely post at all, something I'm not entirely proud of...
AMA's or Ask Me Anything posts seem to be popular, and these entail exactly what the tin says - ask me anything that springs to mind.
it could be related to one of my fics (though I will generally shy away from spoilers, you understand). Whether related to my drabbles I did over at ppg_hub for a while, my discontinued fic Villains, or my widely acclaimed Powerpuff Girls Movie trilogy (Movie 3 currently over a fifth in), any questions are welcome.
Or perhaps something related to Official Powerpuff media, namely the show and movie? I'm as hardcore a fan of both whilst still being able to judge and evaluate a plethora of elements from both, so it's safe to say I'll have a good answer. I know my stuff, and am, if not a master, better then most at judging relationships between canon and fanon and what makes both work and how to keep the latter true to the former.
And of course any questions relevant to me are welcome, though if some get too weird or personal I reserve the right to not answer them, you understand. And questions about writing or animation too. Literally anything is okay, guys.

So, just leave any queries or questions you have in the comments below, and every so often (every well or fortnight?) I'll look at them blind and answer them. Registered users will be notified that I've replied, while anonymous users will have to manually keep up to see if it's being answered. Obviously all answers are public so if the question is more of a private one PM instead, here or on fanfiction.net or on DeviantArt.
That's all there is to it, my friends.

One key change however. I am having trouble making voice posts at the moment, so for right now all questions will be answered with replies instead. I hope to get it working at some point in the future but details on making the calls for UK/Irish users are scarce at best. Anyone with any info on the matter, I'd be grateful if you shared it. I'll edit this post and make it clear future responses will be voice posts once I can figure it out.

Peace out people, and I look forward to what questions you all will have for me. If any. Because I'm a relative internet nobody. But I've been asked many questions before, so some people are interested in what I have to say...

On Powerpuff Girls, New Concept Art, Press Releases, and Recasting Controversies
[Hercules] Pyros
Chances are you all don't need yet another fan chipping in his two cents about the big Powerpuff news from yesterday, but since I did it anyway on another blog of mine, such, what the hell. Can't do any harm, right?


Just remember, since this is coming from me except this to be really in-depth and articulate, or, well, as in-depth and articulate as it can be while still being dwarfed by Jen's post over at her essbeejay Livejournal. Yes, I know she hasn't posted it YET, but it's only a matter of time.

Mojo Jojo Block Art
[Hercules] Pyros
I was going through some files from earlier in the term and came across a very interesting file...

As we were learning the ins and outs of Photoshop, we spent a day on Pixel art. After we all made the Simpsons family in pixel art, we all had to make one of our own, based on an existing character or real person. I came across it today, and as I have free time, I touched the thing up, and here we are!

Mojo Jojo Block Art

This one had a lot - and I mean a LOT - of individual squares, coming in all different sizes. Surprisingly, I've drawn Mojo enough that I actually did all but the most finite details without reference.

I hope to post some more stuff - both to do with Powerpuff Girls and otherwise - in the near future.

I Am Mo'Mojo - In Toy Form
[Powerpuff Girls] Dark Mojo

One of my friends had some Cartoon Network cereal bobbleheads from 10 years ago. And he found this while moving house.
And gave it to me.

Soundest guy ever.

And for a cereal toy, it's pretty cool as well. Owning ANY Powerpuff merchandise is a winner in my book (it's VERY rare here). Maybe not as fancy as the individually sold bobbleheads (I believe Mojo was paired with Buttercup?) but pretty sweet anyways.


The "Defenders Of Townsville" Thing
[Pokemon] Regis
In a surprising turn of events, a Powerpuff Girls game loosely tying in with the recent special Dance Pantsed (which I have still not seen; DON'T spoil it in the comments please) was announced within a week's notice for Steam. It hit the store last Friday, accompanied by a 25% sale for the first week. I was debating whether to try it out so soon (I normally play a new video game after the hype has died down, as much of a gamer as I am), and then yesterday by mind told me "Mike, you KNOW you're going to end up buying it anyway in the end. Might as well save two quid, am I right?"

To nobody's surprise, given you've read this far, I did but it. And I played it earlier.

I really liked the game. After mulling on it, I decided I NEEDED to express these thoughts to someone else in a coherent manner. Given that it was, well, Powerpuff, Livejournal was the sensible, and best, choice. Warning: there are a few spoilers within, though I tried to avoid them where possible.
I noted bits and bobs both while playing it and thereafter, so here, in a mostly coherent order, are my thoughts on The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders Of TownsvilleCollapse )
WELL - those are my thoughts. Did I even mention the 'Mojo's Key Quest' mode unlocked afterwards? Never mind. Would LOVE to hear from you all about this, and what thoughts leap to your minds. Also, they SO need to port this game to download for Xbox 360, Playstation, Wii U (Wii?) and 3DS, so more people can play it. €5 would be a good price on all fronts.

[Disclaimer: I'll be honest; this post is REALLY for Jen, as we both mentioned the game in a recent AMA Voice Post of hers. So, Jen, here's everything you need to know. Ask me anything else that springs to mind.]

[How To Train Your Dragon] Flying A Drag

Today I finally handed in my portfolio to apply for animation, after doing a course, since September 16th, focused on preparing art portfolios (though the course doesn't end until late May).

Animation is my dream. I have loved the medium ever since I was little. It wasn't until two and a half years ago that I knew it was what I wanted to do.

It was tough at first. I hadn't done art properly in years and the muscle needed major retraining. But I truly think I have a chance (boosted, of course, by above-par exam results from my last year of school - the Irish education system is not something I feel like explaining, it takes too long). I won't know portfolio results until May, and not the college until late August. And I really do love animation and everything about it, and I've grown to love lots of other things about more too.

I'm not going to post any artwork pertaining to storyboards or characters here, as Internet theft of copyrighted material is far too easy (though you would certainly notice a little of McCracken's influence - the model sheets of the Powerpuff Girls on the internet are a godsend as a loose guide). But more experimental art, or observational art may get shown up here.

SO - long winded way of saying all I can do now is wait. I realise activity here is incredibly low (and no doubt every time I do post, half of you scratch you head and go "Who's Groudo again? Oh yeah, the Drabble contests.") but you guys are still awesomesauce, and I hereby bestow virtual hugs upon each and every one of you [hugs everyone]

Thanks everyone - hopefully when I'm on here from September on words, it'll be as an OFFICIAL animation student, rather then a budding artist.

As a treat, here's one of my favorite (and most acclaimed by viewers) A1 boards from the portfolio. I'll let it speak for itself.


One Year Anniversary (Here, Anyway) Of A Very Special Film
[Hercules] Pyros

Today is 8th February. One year ago today, Wreck-It Ralph hit UK & Ireland cinemas. And I loved it after one viewing. It was so immersive in every manner possible, and just a reminder of why I love great animation and great cinema so much. It had a clever script, appealing characters, visuals that, aside from being being great eye candy, really strengthened the immersive feel of the (several) alternate worlds it took place in, and so much more.

It was also touching in ways I hadn't expected. I won't spoil it, but if the last few minutes of this movie don't make your eyes wet, I just don't know what to do with you...

If it is not on the level of Toy Story (though is it much closer then anyone would expect), it is perfectly equal to Monsters, Inc. and many other Pixar and Disney classics. Those of you who have already seen it, and a lot of you probably have, as it is Disney Animation's fifth-highest grossing film and was their most attended (estimated, as Tangled had a noticably higher 3D share despite outgrossing it by $11.4 million) film since Lilo and Stitch until Frozen came along, and robust home media sales), bravo.
Those of you who have not, what are you waiting for?

And finally, I don't often link to soundtracks, given that it is a niche interest of mine, but this film has some phenomenal tracks. Listen to these and tell me they're not amazing:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIT8FK_50Vs - Wreck-It Ralph. Sort of the track that sweeps us into the movie novel concept (it's got that feeling of being turned into a 5-year-old again), it introduces the main theme magnificently.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoPhViGKvEY - You're My Hero. The track for the final climax. Just phenomenal ini t's orchestration, having the right mix of the themes and overplayed choral moments. A real winner.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iISymyA3MwE - Arcade Finale. The denouement cue. The best of the three; there's three parts to it, the first bringing out tears of joy, the second making us smile again, and the third easing out in a not overly-sappy manner.

Bizarre fanfiction.net happenings?
[Pokemon] Static
Now, this isn't the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last, but it is something that has always befuddled me.

The act of story alerting a completed story.

And it is particularly notable because, as you can see below, my now two-year-finished debut Powerpuff fic, The Powerpuff Girls Movie 2, has received 4 story alerts since it was finished - three of them in the last 35 days.

Now, that in and of itself wouldn't be so significant, except that the fic's follow-up, The Powerpuff Girls Movie 3, was first posted on July 3rd. And none of those alerts have been replicated for it.

Um... do they even notice the complete tag on the first (well, second movie) fic, and not the second (third movie)? Because it seems to me like they read it as the other way around.

Now, I'm not complaining at the alerts; they make for good marketing on the public pages. Many fics of mine have received the odd alert of two after their completion. But, why these people would get them mixed up like this is beyond me, as the alerts would be much better served on Movie 3, both for me and for them, as they're useless for completed fics except for the writer.

The only explanation that springs to mind is: "people..." That, and, "ditzy teenagers..."

Still, life's a bit like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're gonna find.

The American Dream!
[How To Train Your Dragon] Flying A Drag

I'm gonna be touring California starting Friday for a week! I've been looking forward to this for so long, and it's gonna be great! Apart from a minor Boston trip, I've never been to the States before, so this'll be something very special.

The trip is going like this so far:

Friday 26th: fly into SF, stay overnight

Saturday 27th: start coastal drive down to LA, stay overnight in motel or equivalent

Sunday 28th: Arrive in LA late enough, settle down

Monday 29th-Thursday 1st: various activities in LA area. Currently certain are Disneyland and Universal Theme Park. I've got ideas, but if any of you are locals, any suggestions?

Friday 2nd: go back to SF through that giant national park, Yosemite. Stay overnight.

Saturday 3rd: Arrive in SF, meet with family relative, get late plane away.

Also... Should any of you who live in the LA area be free in the above-mentioned period, I'm more then open to perhaps meeting up for an hour or two. In fact, I'd be positively delighted! You know how Groudo feels about these types of things. Deep down, he's as soft as anyone.


My Exams are OVER! I'M BACK, PEOPLE!
[Powerpuff Girls] Bubbles

I've been dead on Livejournal for SO LONG. But it was my Leaving Certificate, you know (final school exams here in Ireland before college).

But I just finished Applied Maths today, which was the last subject. AND I AM NOW FREE! For almost three months until college begins in September.

So, I'm back on Livejournal, guys! And I vow to make more regular posts from now on! Expect more from Groudo round these parts - both on fanfiction.net and here on Livejournal!

This Summer will mostly be at home, expect for two holidays, both lasting a week, one to Magaluf for my 6th Year holiday, and one to California later on.

Anyway, off to celebration night tonight! See ya later!


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