groudon202's Journal

The name's Mike, although most of you know me as Groudon202 Hopper or, as I prefer, Groudo. The primary reason for me being on Livejournal is to connect with fellow writers, mostly fanfiction writers. I hope to be either a screenwriter or a novel writer one day.

If you're here from my ff.net profile (link above), Deviantart, or somewhere else, hello and welcome!

Right now... My time is being drained by both fanfiction and original fiction. Both are important. I may slow down with updates occasionally, but I won't forget about fanfiction easily.

I LOVE receiving comments, reviews or any kind of feedback at all for ANYTHING. And I usually give it to everything myself. Life gets in the way often, but I try to always comment.

NOTE: CURRENTLY SEARCHING FOR A BETA READER FOR MY UPCOMING FIC, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS MOVIE 3. PM me if you're interested. I'll be willing to beta in return,